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But Hurry… We Start November 1, 2012

This training series is for you if…

  • You are exhausted trying to figure out how to use social media and put all the pieces together?
  • You’ve got profiles of Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In but your still not seeing the results everyone else seems to have for the hours you’re putting in?
  •   You feel as if social media is a giant waste of time and don’t see how tweeting, posting, and linking could possibly build your business?
  •  Are you STILL WAITING for the hoards of followers, fans, and customers every “guru”, and “expert” said you would get…AND frustrated because you have NO IDEA what you’re doing wrong?
  •  You are unsure of exactly how to promote yourself using social media and you want to learn HOW TO DO IT RIGHT?
  •  You could really use some fresh eyes and a different perspective for using social media as a MARKETING PLATFORM?
  •  Are ready to MONETIZE and MAXIMIZE your efforts using social media so you can grow your business and brand…NOW??


I’m Going To Show You step by step; LIVE and In Person how ANY business owner with a Passionate Message can easily take their business online,  Elevate Their Visibility, and fully leverage “Social Media”to INCREASE their Digital Impact in a BIG WAY!!

How to be transparent and authentic while protecting the integrity of your brand


How to monetize social media without alienating people or worse being labeled a “spammer” eek!!

Key steps to creating a successful and engaging social media strategy


How to retain and engage prospects and customers no matter how BIG or SMALL your brand is…


Super simple ways to convert fans, followers, and friends into pre-qualified prospects that want to buy from you


Which social media rules you should never break and how to recover from a social media faux pas


How to avoid typical and deadly mistakes that almost every business owner makes when marketing in Facebook, Twitter, and even Linked In


Easy and FREE ways for generating content to find your growing to feed your growing tribe of hungry fans


How to create, manage, and maintain your visibility strategy and UP YOUR celebrity


Deceptively simple ways to seduce and attract all the clients you’ll ever need

How traditional internet marketing and social marketing differ and how these differences can make or break your success


And much, much more….


Whether you’re just getting started or have been using social media as a Marketing Platform…The Social Media Chic Virtual Series will help you turn your message into a movement. 


Yours In Bold Business Success,

Jessica Lawrence “The Golden Girl”